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Mini-INQUIRY for Fifth Grade: What interests you?: Day 2: INVESTIGATE and CREATE MEANING


Today, it's on to Dot Jots (taking notes) so that you can begin to INVESTIGATE your topic.

• Take some Dot Jots on your topic (using your questions as your guide).

•  Add any NEW questions that may come up for you.

•  Write a brief reflection using one (or all) of the following questions:

  1. Are you surprised by anything?  If so, what?
  2. Are you excited to learn more?  Explain, if you can.
  3. Have you changed your mind about anything you thought you knew (but perhaps didn't)?  Please explain.

This reflection process actually helps you CREATE MEANING about your topic.

•  Get a sneak peek of an Infographic.  You will eventually create your own to visually share what you've discovered about your topic.