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Mini-INQUIRY for Fifth Grade: What interests you?: Day 3: INVESTIGATE and CREATE MEANING, continued


Today you'll learn how to cite your source (give credit to the resource you used for your Inquiry) using NoodleTools.

•  Complete the INVESTIGATE part of your Inquiry (using your questions as your guide).

•  Write a brief reflection on what you discovered about your topic to help you CREATE MEANING.

Please note: this reflection is for your personal thoughts on what you learned about your topic and any action you might  take.  It is not a report.  For example, if I were writing a reflection on what I learned about whales, I might say that I was surprised to learn that some countries still hunt whales.  My reflection could include any opinions I've formed on whaling (based on my investigation).  It might also include my new motivation to write some of the heads of those whaling countries, asking them to stop hunting whales and also listing reasons why they should stop.

•  Complete a NoodleTools bibliography for your source(s).