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Mini-INQUIRY for Fifth Grade: What interests you?: Day 5: EXPRESS (finish) and REFLECT

EXPRESS (finish) and REFLECT (Day 5)

Today, complete the EXPRESS portion of the mini-Inquiry by finishing your infographic

If you feel that you need extra time to complete it (and this cannot be accomplished at home), please see Ms. Stuhr.

In addition to finishing your infographic, please take time to REFLECT on this whole mini-Inquiry process, as well as on your topic.  Use at least one of the following questions, and include any other thoughts you'd like to include as you reflect.

  1. Did you enjoy this process?  Please explain.
  2. Will you take any next steps regarding this topic?  If yes, what might those steps be?
  3. Are you inspired to do another mini-Inquiry on your own?  Do you have anything planned already?