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Ancient Egypt: Home

Resources for Seventh Grade at Harrison Middle School

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ANCIENT EGYPT (Khufu Pyramid)

MARVEL: Maine's Virtual Library




Eternal Egypt -- Animations, webcams, zoomable pictures and so much more!

Explore Ancient Egypt -- Highly interactive site allowing you to walk around the Sphinx, seek out the pharaoh's burial chamber and much more

Explore the Pyramids -- an interactive adventure

NeoK12 -- Videos, games and more, all about Ancient Egypt Egypt --  an extensive site with information on art, architecture, daily life and much more

Egypt's Golden Empire (from PBS) -- includes some fantastic videos, a virtual library, and how to create your name in heiroglyphs

The British Museum -- information on Gods & Goddesses, Mummification, Egyptian life, Temples, Pyramids, Pharoahs, Geography, Time, Trades

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Image of pyramid copyrighted by & found at Egyptian Picture Gallery.